Tennessee Villa


Tennessee, United States
Surface Area:
600 m2

-The Project is about creating a vibrant family life taking into consideration every detail requested by the client. 

-The plan was crafted to make various scenarios for family interactions with many possibilities to enjoy the life in all the seasons making cozy indoor spaces and activities also considering the warmer seasons for cool entertainment in the outdoors where they can enjoy the water and the shaded porch in summer and the fireplace in winter. 

-The Materials and Colors are chosen to look and feel cozy enough for a family life, and bright enough for better mental health and psychological state. 

-The kids floor is filled a perfect place to grow in, where kids can communicate and have their nice time together in the light washed playroom, also they can have their private time and study time in their rooms with the offices exposed to natural light and vented interiors where they can focus and improve their academic performance. 

-The architectural character is mean to stand on the fine line between the classical Tennessee and the modern movement, simplifying the facades to reduce cost and give an elegant look through and interplay between stone cladding, basalt cladding, wooden studs and fishtail shingles on the roof which is the signature piece on the top of the building with its wide slant showing an elegant curb appeal from the main road and the secondary road.